Unmatched Reliability with the All-New Sandvik DD320S Development Drill

Sandvik has announced the all-new DD320S Development Drill.

The Sandvik DD320S is a two-boom, hydraulic controlled development drill perfect for both mining and tunneling construction.

Sandvik has built off of their existing drilling and mining experience to bring unmatched reliability and safety. The DD320S drill comes equipped with the THC hydraulic drilling controls, B26XLF boom, and HLX5 rock drill for great performance and reliability with long running hours and minimum downtime. The diesel engine equipped on the drill and the layout are alike to the existing, well-known Sandvik technologies, ensuring common parts and ease of service for the entire fleet.

Operation and maintenance on the drill is simple and safe for the team, anti-slip surface stairs and ergonomic hand rails come standard. In addition, the DD320S drill has the option of roll-over protective structure (ROPS) and falling-object protective structure (FOPS) for optimal operator safety.

For more information on the DD320S Development Drill, contact us at (205) 425-8099!

Crusher WorksUnmatched Reliability with the All-New Sandvik DD320S Development Drill - Crusher Works
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