For effective cutting in both demolition and recycling duties. The 385 kg RSS05R Scrap Shear is suitable for carriers between 4 and 6 tonnes.

The Rammer RSS05R Scrap Shear can be used in every industrial demolition job involving the cutting and recovery of ferrous materials such as iron sections, pipes, tanks, railway carriages etc.

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  • Features
    • Rotor
      A compact unit including both rotational motor and bulkhead union.
    • Double bearing
      The double bearing allows for increased load and for reduced wear with compact size.
    • Upside-Down cylinder
      The Upside-Down cylinders with extremely long stroke are protected by the shear frame design. The the hydraulic connections run through the piston rod. This high-tech solution minimizes the number of parts and downtime significantly. These state-of-the-art cylinders generate an extremely high force and have longest operating times.
    • Field replaceable symmetrical cutter blades
      Field replaceable and adjustable symmetrical cutter blades minimize downtime and significantly increase the working life of wear parts
    • Adjusting system for the cutting jaw
      The gap between jaw and frame can be adjusted with the central pin. Enables the operator to maintain the product on the job site, keeping the cutting capacity on optimized level.
    • Hardened pins and bushings
      Hardened parts are more wear resistant, extending their working life and lowering owning and operating costs
  • Applications
    • Scrapyards
      Scrapyards (also known as a wrecking yard, junkyard, or breaker's yard) trade in scrap.
    • Structural steel
      Structural steel is primarily removed during a demolition project by means of an attachment, with cutter blades.
    • Metal recycling
      The metal recycling industry encompasses a wide range of metals. The more frequently recycled metals are scrap steels.
    • Ship breaking
      Ship breaking or ship demolition is a type of ship disposal involving the breaking up of ships for either a source of parts, which can be sold for re-use, or for the extraction of raw materials, mainly scrap.
  • Specification
    Minimum working weight, flange mounted  *1385 kg850 lb
    Weight345 kg760 lb
    Length1350 mm53.15 in
    Max. jaw opening195 mm7.68 in
    Jaw depth200 mm7.87 in
    Max. cutting force660 kN
    Max. crushing force360 kN
    Operating pressure200 – 250 bar2900 – 3625 psi
    Max. operating pressure250 bar3625 psi
    Oil flow range60 – 100 l/min15.9 – 26.4 gal/min
    Closing time at max oil flow2.4 s
    Opening time at max oil flow1.8 s
    No. of cycles per minute at max oil flow14.3
    Max. diameter to be cut40 mm1.58 in
    Rotation360 °
    Max pressure for hydraulic rotation190 bar2755 psi
    Oil flow for hydraulic rotation10 l/min2.6 gal/min
    Pressure line connection (IN)3/4″ GAS
    Return line connection (OUT)3/4″ GAS
    Connections, rotation1/2″ GAS
    Optimum oil temperature40 – 60 °C104 – 140 °F
    Allowed oil temperature range-20 – 80 °C-4 – 176 °F
    Optimum oil viscosity at operating temperature30 – 60 cSt
    Allowed viscosity range20 – 1000 cSt
    Carrier weight, range  *24 – 6 t8800 – 13200 lb
    *1   Includes average mounting bracket and standard wear parts
    *2   Check carrier allowed attachment weight from carrier manufacturer. Check application requirements.

    Specifications are subject to change without notice (Friday, March 3, 2023)

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