The RPV40S is ideal attachment for secondary demolition. The 4,180 kg Static Pulverizer is suitable for carriers between 35 and 45 tons.

The Rammer RPV40S is the perfect tool for crushing reinforced concrete and separating the rebar from the aggregate.

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  • Features
    • Speed valve
      Shorter working cycles to increase productivity
    • Hydraulic cylinder shielding
      The cylinders are fully protected throughout the working cycle. Increasing durability and extending service intervals.
    • Grated jaw design
      The fixed jaw allows crushed material to pass through increasing productivity
    • Manufactured from HB400 steel
      Highly resistant material to work on concrete.
    • Field replaceable symmetrical cutter blades
      Field replaceable and adjustable symmetrical cutter blades minimize downtime and significantly increase the working life of wear parts
    • Field replaceable pulverizing plate
      Minimizing downtime as there is no need for welding/rebuilding Three different designs for different pulverizing applications. Please contact your dealer for advise on proper application.
    • Field replaceable loading teeth
      A wearpart for the loading and sorting of material. Functionality and replaceability like an bucket tooth.
    • Hardened pins and bushings
      Hardened parts are more wear resistant, extending their working life and lowering owning and operating costs
  • Applications
    • Pulverizing
      Separating rebar from concrete Preparation of material for crusher or landfill
    • Secondary demolition
      Demolition of larger pieces on the ground (size reduction, separation and preliminary sorting tasks)
    • Recycling
      Re-using parts or material which has been extracted from existing buildings or structures. Recyclng of products: Re-use of material or parts as such Recycling of material: Re-use of material for other purposes
  • Specification
    Minimum working weight4180 kg9220 lb
    Weight3860 kg8510 lb
    Height2700 mm106.3 in
    Max. jaw opening1150 mm45.28 in
    Jaw width660 mm26.0 in
    Max. cutting force3840 kN
    Max. crushing force1980 kN
    Operating pressure280 – 320 bar4060 – 4640 psi
    Max. operating pressure320 bar4640 psi
    Oil flow range280 – 320 l/min74.0 – 84.5 gal/min
    Closing time at max oil flow3.5 s
    Opening time at max oil flow3.4 s
    No. of cycles per minute at max oil flow8.7
    Cutting blade length220 mm8.66 in
    Max. diameter to be cut65 mm2.56 in
    Pressure line connection (IN)SAE 6000 psi 1 1/4″
    Return line connection (OUT)SAE 6000 psi 1 1/4″
    Optimum oil temperature40 – 60 °C104 – 140 °F
    Allowed oil temperature range-20 – 80 °C-4 – 176 °F
    Optimum oil viscosity at operating temperature30 – 60 cSt
    Allowed viscosity range20 – 1000 cSt
    Carrier weight, range  *135 – 45 t77200 – 99200 lb
    *1   Check carrier allowed attachment weight from carrier manufacturer. Check application requirements.

    Specifications are subject to change without notice (Tuesday, June 21, 2022)

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