The 340 kg RCC04R is designed specifically for primary demolition and for use with mini and robot carriers in the 3 to 6 tonne range.

Both cylinders feature a hydraulic booster, which intensifies the input pressure, dramatically increasing the power-to-weight ratio, and supplying the performance that you would only normally see from much larger attachment.

The RCC04R unique jaw design allows for large opening whilst maintaining its light structure.

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  • Features
    • Free rotation mechanical brake
      Enables the operator to control and place the equipment rapidly which increases the productivity. The braking and holding force can be pre-adjusted. Correct adjustment protects your crusher and the carrier. This design eliminates a separate hydraulic circuit for braking system from the excavator.
    • Hydraulic booster
      Increases the power-to-weight ratio of the product by intensifing the input pressure in the cylinders
    • Hydraulic cylinder shielding
      The cylinders are fully protected throughout the working cycle. Increasing durability and extending service intervals.
    • Double main bearing for jaws
      The double main bearings of the crushing arms optimize the position of the cylinders to the crushing arms. This increases the crushing force and the opening width. The double surface area of the bearings increases the lifetime of the equipment. Your benefit is reduced costs and increased performance.
    • Manufactured from HB400 steel
      Highly resistant material to work on concrete.
    • Field replaceable symmetrical cutter blades
      Field replaceable and adjustable symmetrical cutter blades minimize downtime and significantly increase the working life of wear parts
    • Hardened pins and bushings
      Hardened parts are more wear resistant, extending their working life and lowering owning and operating costs
    • Integrated oil filter and cleaning system
      Filters and maintains both the oil circuit and pressure thoughout the working cycle.
  • Applications
    • Primary demolition
      Demolition of standing buildings and structures.
    • Recycling
      Re-using parts or material which has been extracted from existing buildings or structures. Recyclng of products: Re-use of material or parts as such Recycling of material: Re-use of material for other purposes
    • Remote controlled demolition robot
      For Hazardous applications: Risk of falling objects / structures. Contaminated material (asbestos, carcinogenic etc.)
  • Specification
    Minimum working weight, flange mounted  *1340 kg749 lb
    Weight300 kg750 lb
    Max. jaw opening440 mm17.32 in
    Jaw depth200 mm7.87 in
    Max. cutting force1300 kN
    Max. crushing force440 kN
    Operating pressure250 bar
    Max. operating pressure250 bar3625 psi
    Oil flow65 l/min17.2 gal/min
    Oil flow range65 l/min17.2 gal/min
    Oil flow (recom.)65 l/min17.2 gal/min
    Closing time at max oil flow2.3 s
    Opening time at max oil flow1.1 s
    No. of cycles per minute at max oil flow17
    Cutting blade length85 mm3.35 in
    Max. diameter to be cut25 mm0.98 in
    Rotation360 °
    Pressure line connection (IN)1/2″ BSP
    Return line connection (OUT)1/2″ BSP
    Optimum oil temperature40 – 60 °C104 – 140 °F
    Allowed oil temperature range-20 – 80 °C-4 – 176 °F
    Optimum oil viscosity at operating temperature30 – 60 cSt
    Allowed viscosity range20 – 1000 cSt
    Carrier weight, range  *23 – 6 t6600 – 13200 lb
    *1   Includes average mounting bracket and standard wear parts
    *2   Check carrier allowed attachment weight from carrier manufacturer. Check application requirements.

    Specifications are subject to change without notice (Friday, March 3, 2023)

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