Edge FSM Fines Recovery Plant

Divert the volume of material going to landfill and generate new revenue streams with the EDGE FSM Fines Recovery Plant

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  • MODEL Choices:
    • FMS65
    • FF16X5 Flip Flow Screen
    • MC1200 (static)

    Incorporates a Feed Stacker with bespoke hopper
    16’X5’ FreeFlow flip flow screen, over-band and head pulley magnets, air knives and material classifier
    Creates 6+ fractions including; ferrous metal, inert fines, clean hardcore and RDF
    Create products that meet stringent specifications
    Fully adjustable components such as fan speed, belt speed, screening angle, screen media etc
    Ability to handle a diverse range of materials
    Ten stage separation process
    Compact modular design – fits easily within existing systems

    The FMS Fines Recovery Plant is a unique combination of equipment designed to maximize the recovery of material from the waste stream whilst reducing transfer station’s operating costs.
    The FSM Fines Recovery Plant incorporates a ten stage separation process, combining mechanical screening with “Light V Heavy” material recovery and magnetic technology to minimize the volume of material going to landfill. This unique separation process provides operators with a clean sellable hardcore product, inert fines that meet the lower landfill tax rate, extracted ferrous metal and a clean lights product that satisfies refuse derived fuel (RDF) specifications. By incorporating a Flip Flop Screen and Material classifier to separate Lights from Heavies, the FSM Fines Recovery Plant provides high throughput and clean quality products. The EDGE FSM Fines Recovery Plant is not only a substantial revenue generator but also a cost saving asset to waste operators.

    “We’re significantly improving what we get back on the ferrous metals. The plant is almost paying for itself on the recovery of metals which is something we never anticipated – it’s a no-brainer, really.” James Dickinson, J Dickinson & Sons.

    Consisting of a mobile Feeder Stockpiler (FMS) with bespoke hopper, our new Flip Flop Screen (FF16X5), over-band and head drum magnets, blowers and our new material classifier (MC1200). The FSM Fines Plant is the perfect solution to reducing landfill costs and generating more revenue. The FSM Fines Plant is another example of EDGE Innovate providing solutions to meet the ever-changing demands place on recycling facilities.

    Ten Stage separation processing creating 6+ fractions
    User friendly control system
    Create products that meet stringent specifications
    Ability to handle a diverse range of materials
    Long life / Low maintenance design

    • Over-band magnets
    • Hydraulic blowers / air knives
    • Magnetic head drums
    • Additional conveyors
    • Skip Hire (Garbage Disposal) Companies
    • Waste Management/ Recycling
    • Landfill Sites
    • Demolition
    • RDF
    • ADS
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