Reliable and versatile Rammer 777E is designed for optimum carrier compatibility in the 2.6 to 9.5 tonne range. The 390 kg hammer has been designed to please the specific demands of rental fleet operators.

The 777E features a pivoting hose connecting block and a reversible manifold that allows for right or left hand hose connections, in addition to its ability to accept a wide range of oil flows and pressures.

The Rammer 777E comes with the remote monitoring hardware RD3 installed.

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  • Features
    • High pressure membrane accumulator
      Membrane-type accumulator eliminates Nitrogen leakages, ensuring constant maximum impact power and eliminating the need for recharging in field.
    • Twin handed, smart
      A connecting block allows easy adaptation to different excavator setups. This twin handed design allows optimal mounting on both left and right handed carriers, prolonging the service life of the hose connections. Easy installation with hydraulic quick hitch mounting brackets.
    • Tubular accumulator
      The leak-free tubular accumulator is filled with nitrogen and requires no maintenance or time-consuming recharging between maintenance intervals. With its large surface area and short hydraulic connections to the piston, it effectively reduces pressure fluctuations in the hydraulic system and ensures maximum piston acceleration and high impact frequency. This design provides 100% power at all times.
    • Vibration and sound suppressed
      Less vibrations and at the same time significantly lower noise levels are achieved with this ultra-modern, low-wear design. This protects the operator, the carrier and relieves the environment. This extends your range of applications on narrow job sites and wherever noise protection is required.
    • Flange mounting
      The Flange mounting design allows for the use of existing mounting plates, as well as carrier and application specific customization.
    • CBE+ (Constant Blow Energy plus)
      The RAMMER CBE-System (CBE = Constant Blow Energy) with the active pressure control valve and the permanently filled tubular accumulator maintains the hydraulic pressure level to ensure that each impact delivers the maximum possible power. The RAMMER CBE system accepts a wide range of oil flows and high back pressures, allowing a wide range of carriers to be used. The "+" stands for safe and fast connection to the carrier.
    • No tie rods
      A smart design without tie rods allows for ideal guidance of the piston and optimal alignment of the tool. Fast, safe and easy to maintain without the need for special tools.
    • Single part tool bushing retained with shared tool pin
      The one-piece quick-change tool bushing inludes a thrust ring, the upper and the lower tool bushing into one component. This quick-change tool bushing can easily be replaced on site, making maintenance easier, faster and safer.
    • Fast-change tool system
      Quick and safe tool change system transverse to the hammer. No need to reach under the hammer during tool change.
    • RD3 incl. SAM (as standard)
      RD3 for SAM as standard. Online hour meter and location tracking in Google MapsTM. For further information, please contact your Rammer distributor.
  • Applications
    • Primary demolition
      Demolition of standing buildings and structures.
    • Trenching
      Trenching is a form of primary breaking in which a narrow trench is excavated especially for laying pipes, cables or for installing drainage
    • Secondary demolition
      Demolition of larger pieces on the ground (size reduction, separation and preliminary sorting tasks)
    • Cutting of asphalt or frozen ground
      The RAMMER "Spade tool" was specially developed for cutting of asphalt or frozen ground in road construction or infrastructure.
    • Landscaping
      Gardening, graveyard and landscaping applications, hard ground and removal of smaller boulders, concrete fundaments or similar.
    • Ground Compacting
      With special compacting plate tool.
    • Rental
      Rental includes most applications
  • Specification
    Minimum working weight, flange mounted  *1390 kg860 lb
    Weight320 kg710 lb
    Working length1449 mm57.0 in
    Impact rate (frequency)500 – 1700 bpm
    Operating pressure90 – 140 bar1305 – 2030 psi
    Oil flow range40 – 120 l/min10.6 – 31.7 gal/min
    Pressure relief setting  *2140 – 190 bar2030 – 2755 psi
    Pressure relief max220 bar3190 psi
    Pressure in LP-circuit36 – 38 bar520 – 550 psi
    Back pressure max20 bar290 psi
    Input power28 kW38 hp
    Tool diameter80 mm3.15 in
    Pressure line connection (IN)BSPP-internal 3/4″
    Return line connection (OUT)BSPP-internal 3/4″
    Pressure line size, min. inner diameter19 mm0.75 in
    Return line size, min. inner diameter19 mm0.75 in
    Optimum oil temperature40 – 60 °C104 – 140 °F
    Allowed oil temperature range-20 – 80 °C-4 – 176 °F
    Optimum oil viscosity at operating temperature30 – 60 cSt
    Allowed viscosity range20 – 1000 cSt
    Skid steer, robot weight, optimum3.3 – 5.2 t7300 – 11500 lb
    Skid steer, robot weight, range  *32.6 – 6.3 t5700 – 13900 lb
    Miniexcavator, tractor backhoe weight, Optium4.9 – 7.8 t10800 – 17200 lb
    Miniexcavator, tractor backhoe weight, Range  *34.3 – 9.5 t9500 – 20900 lb
    Noise level, measured (2000/14/EC)120 dB(A)
    Noise level, guaranteed (2000/14/EC)124 dB(A)
    *1   Includes average mounting bracket and standard wear parts
    *2   Minimum setting = actually measured operating pressure + 50 bar or 725 psi
    *3   Check carrier allowed attachment weight from carrier manufacturer. Check application requirements.

    Specifications are subject to change without notice (Wednesday, August 23, 2023)

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