Edge Material Classifier – MC1200

Reduce landfill cost and create new revenue streams with The EDGE MC1200. The EDGE Material Classifier is designed to be retro-fitted to existing Municipal Recycling Facilities or incorporated into new plant installations; it provides a solution for lights/ heavies separation. Designed to remove impurities from aggregates, Construction & Demolition waste, plastics and wood, the EDGE Air Separator provides customers with a high quality product that can used as RDF,SRF, clean hard-core and fines that meet HMRC low landfill tax rate specifications.

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    The use of controlled air as a separation medium provides extreme versatility and greater flexibility to that of mechanical separation techniques. The MC1200s’ large capacity hopper coupled with its 1200mm (48”) wide Feeder Conveyor provides an even spread of material for efficient separation. The totally enclosed design helps control air flow and minimizes air depressurization whilst minimizing dust creation with reduced spillage. The EDGE Material Classifier can be easily adjusted for various applications via the fully adjustable components such as fan speed, feed conveyor belt speed and vacuum conveyor position etc.


    • 4 stage separation as standard (2 further stages as options)
    • The latest advancement in “Light V Heavy” material separation
    • Turns so called “waste” into a valuable saleable asset
    • Removes contaminants from “heavies” diverting heavy materials from landfill
    • Compact modular design – fits easily within an existing system
    • Available with mains electric or on-board Diesel GENSET
    • Processes up to 300 tonnes/hour (depending on material)
    • Wide conveyors for even material spread
    • Easy access for maintenance
    • Fully enclosed – Eliminates dust
    • Reduce Landfill costs by 90%
    • Magnetic roller function separates Metals/ Plastics/ Wood (Ferrous & Non-ferrous) from valuable bio-mass materials.
    • Static Electric
    • Static C/W on-board Diesel Genset
    • Tracked C/W on-board Diesel Genset
    • Magnetic head-drum
    • 4 , 5 & 6 stages of separation available
    • Heavy duty construction
    • Fuel-efficient diesel Engine
    • Processes up to 300 tonnes/hour (depending on material)
    • Capacity 300 yards per hour
    • Wider conveyors for even material spread
    • Zero spillage
    • Fully enclosed to eliminate dust
    • Easy access for maintenance
    • Skip Hire (Garbage Disposal) Companies
    • Waste Management/ Recycling
    • Landfill Sites
    • Demolition
    • RDF
    • SRF
    • ADS
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